Wednesday, April 24, 2013

weekly drawing: Sea cave

Walking the coast to Wes and Narelle's place, I became quite keen on investigating a dark and mysterious sea cave. Every time I walked past it, my imagination ran wild. I'd somehow managed to convince myself there must be pirates treasure hidden or at least a secret passage way.

So the next time it was low tide, I took my torch and I had a look around. However it wasn't what I'd imagined. Instead of vast riches, I only discovered a small group of bats who wished I'd stop shining my torch so they could keep on sleeping. I didn't find what I was hoping for but I hadn't ever seen wild bats in a cave before, so I was still pretty excited it was a bat cave.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Weekly drawing: Night buskers King St Newtown

A few years ago, Bec and I were walking home along King street at around 10.00pm.
We could hear this amazing music echoing down the street. It was coming from three buskers disguised in lycra suits grooving out in front of a crowd on the steps of the Newtown Post office.

It was incredible. I never discovered who they were, but I wished it would happen more often. Good live music is magical and should be encouraged in every city and country town.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pig Lane - Hay street car Park Liechhardt opening

Originally Hay street car park was a place were people walked through as quickly as possible just to get to Norton street. However over the last few months it has been transformed by the Leichhardt Council into a food garden and sitting area called 'Pig Lane'. The name is a tribute to the sites historical past, when it was home to at least one piggery owned by a Leichhardt Council Alderman Charles Hearn in 1872.

It's great to see by redesigning an area people are in less of a rush to get through the area and they're starting to use the area to sit on their lunch breaks. Also The Food, Wine and Design School now harvest food for classes from the garden. I think it's great that the Piggy history has somehow brighten the future of this once bleak eyesore.

Thanks to Bronwyn Tuohy the Leichhardt Public Art Officer, I was fortunate to be involved and asked to design the metal garden pigs, a retro lamp post and signage plus the etched pavers such as the trailing pig tracks. 

It's been great to be offered such an exciting creative freelance job while being a stay home Dad. I had worked with Bronwyn on The Hawthorne Canal community artwork (my largest piece of art at 25 metres). She has an amazing ability in seeing a disheveled public place and making it shine.

A stray Joel garden piggy
Some more Joel garden Piggies
Joel Piggy tracks etched into the pavers
Joel retro lamp post and signage design

Bronwyn with a real little Piggy at the opening
once there was nothing but rubbish

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weekly drawing: The Broadhurst's great tree swing

Kate Broadhurst and me play on the swing
The Broadhurst's had the best tree swing in the world. As kids we were amazed by it's design "How could someone throw and tie the rope at such a height?" Well, I never really worked that out. So instead, I visited as much as possible and concentrated on enjoying it and pretending be Tarzan.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Weekly drawing: Blackberry picking

Sometimes we'd walk the long way down to the beach, to pick berries. 
But because blackberry is an invasive weed these vines were only edible 
for a limited amount of time before they were sprayed. 
Part of me wished they wouldn't spray them, so we could enjoy the free food. 
But another part of me wished I knew more about bush foods.
So I could find lots of free food which wasn't classified as a weed.