Friday, August 5, 2011

One night in Melbourne

Sounds crazy but it was a great way to get out of Sydney for the weekend. Leaving Sydney 7.00am Saturday morning and leaving Melbourne 8.45pm Sunday gave me the feeling of a full weekend away.

Long-Nosed Bandicoot spotted at Sydney Airport
My list of recomendations:
Degraves Espresso Bar baguette and coffee
City Basement books
Melbourne Open House Royal Exhibition building
Lord of the Fries I had a mini burger deal which was surprisingly perfect
The Roof top bar
The New International Bookshop
35 City Circle Free Tourist Tram
National Gallery of Victoria I have wished to see a Eugene von Guerard Exhibition for many years. Von Guerard was a colonial landscape painter, with a keen eye for the natural environment. Commissioned by many colonialists to paint their newly acquired properties. I love that he would often celebrate the original owners of the land. His work is a powerful celebration of Australia.

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  1. The Rooftop Bar is my FAVOURITE place in Mebourne. Glad you found it/had a chance to hang out there.

    Also, love the bandicoot.