Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekly drawing 27: Luna Park resident fairground artists Arthur Barton and Fred Schweickle

Arthur Barton and Fred Schweickle painting
"The building of Luna Park" mural. Coney Island
This drawing was inspired after watching "The Art Of Fun" a documentary funded by the Library Council Of New South Wales. The Documentary is a history of Luna Parks art and artists. The artists include Rupert Brown, Arthur Barton, Fred Schweickle, Martin Sharp, Peter Kingston, Leigh Hobbs and Ashley Taylor. I thought it was a great insight into the many creative people involved in making Luna Park shine.

"You often see Arthur and Fred Schweickle walking around. They both had white overalls and hats on... Always looked dapper, had his little hat on. They were special"....  
                                        Tony Maloney Special Projects Manager Luna Park, 1961-2007

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