Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekly drawing 58: Harold the crow's nest crow

Harold's favourite saying "alert but not alarmed"
Up in the crow's nest by Libby and Joel

Libby in the moment
Being a creative parent can be hard to find time to create while caring for a baby. 
But lately I've had some really golden moments drawing with children. 
Which is a great way for us all to have fun and I get still get to create. 
The next two photos are of chalk drawings I did with Libby and other play friends at Jarvie Park in Marrickville.

Chickenpox Chicken on a skateboard
 Libby and a friend added the details such as spots and the thing that looks like a 
choker necklace, I was told this is actually a trampoline. Which I find oddly amusing.

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