Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weekly Drawing 64: Butch Minds the Baby

This weeks drawing is based on one of my favourite Damon Runyon storys Butch Minds the Baby. I have loved Runyon's writing ever since Dad first read me his stories as a boy.

To me Runyon's humorous and sentimental tales of the underworld have influenced many great works such as Tom Waits lyrics on Small Change and Guy Ritchie's script for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

Butch Minds the Baby is about an Ex-Criminal (retired safe opener) who can't afford to get caught another time. Even though he's looking after his baby boy while his wife is out of town for the night. Harry the Horse, Little Isadore and Spanish John convince him into one last job. 

"…Big Butch is considered the best safe opener east of the Mississippi River in his day, but the law finally takes to sending him to Sing Sing for opening these safes, and after he is in and out of Sing Sing three different times for opening safes Butch get sick and tired of the place, especially as they pass what is called the Baumes Law in New York, which is a law that says if a guy is sent to Sing Sing four times hand running, he must stay there the rest of his life, without any argument about it."

Damon Runyon
Butch Minds The Baby

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