Tuesday, November 15, 2011

An amazing day: Ron Cobb, Stanley Awards conference & Mic Conway album launch

Ron Cobb speaking at the Stanley Awards conference
Last Friday I attended the first day of the Stanley Awards conference. It is hosted by the Australian Cartoonist Association and involves many great cartoonists in the industry.

I was extremely excited that Ron Cobb was speaking. As a child in the 80's I had read his books The Cobb Book and Cobb Again; collections of his political cartoons from the 1960's and 70's. So much of his work is still relevant today, and influenced my own political cartoons during the Howard years.

Highlight of the day:
Meeting Ron Cobb and discovering that Goya's disaster of war was a major influence on his cartoons.

What's ecology? Ron Cobb cartoon from 1967

New discovery of the day:
Leigh Hobbs' book Mr Chicken goes to Paris.
Children's book illustrators Leigh Hobbs, Cathy Wilcox, and Stephen Axelsen gave a talk about illustrating childrens books. I hadn't heard of Leigh Hobbs before but his talk was very amusing and his illustrations are hilarious.

Later that evening after a big day of talks, I saw Mic Conway launch his new CD Street of Dreams at The Vanguard in Newtown. I think I enjoy hearing him play these old-time tunes most out of all his material.

 Drawn on paper tablecloth while waching the show. Photo: Andrew Lorien

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