Friday, November 25, 2011

Weekly drawing 17

This illustration is inspired after reading Alan Moorehead's book 'Darwin and the Beagle' published by Hamish Hamilton 1969.

In 1831, Captain FitzRoy had given Darwin the opportunity to join the HMS Beagle. In hopes that a Clergyman-to-be and Naturalist might provide a valuable service substantiating the Bible. Finding evidences of the flood and the first appearance of all created things upon the earth.
Unfortunately for Captain FitzRoy, Darwin's research lead him to developing the theory of evolution and natural selection. All the evidence he gathered came to ahead in 1835 after the Galapagos islands. He noted the different forms of mocking-birds, tortoise and finches on the different islands. They were all different forms of the same spieces.
As they sailed away from the Galapagos in there narrow cabin I imagine this was science and religion facing off or as Alan Moorehead writes "putting forth their ideas with all the force of young men who passionately want to persuade one another and to get the absolute truth"

Special thanks to Anton Emdin for recommending the japanese waterbrush pen Pental pocket jet pen which I drew this sketch with. Anton gave a great talk at the Stanleys on digital and ink. Also congratulations Anton for winning the Australian Cartoonists Association‘s Bronze Stan Cross (“Stanley”) for Best Illustrator and the Gold Stanley for Cartoonist of the Year at the annual ACA Stanley Awards.

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