Thursday, September 20, 2012

Weekly drawing 55: Junk Castle

While my parents were building our family home on the south coast. I started building a cubby house called Junk Castle after Robin Klein's book Junk Castle published by Oxford University Press, 1983 and Illustrated by Rolf Heimann.

Using the walls from the old pit toilet, odd bits of building materials and things I scored from the local tip such as the slippery dip. I created my own fun.

I drew this from memory and I thought it was exactly as I remember it. But when found an old photo I could see I'd missed a lot of the wonderful details. Where I had obviously added more as I found different bits and pieces. I was about to redraw it, until I realised I'd unintentionally drawn it, how I saw it back in 1983. As the best cubby house in the world and perfect in every way.

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